Meet Your Neighbor: Dr. Barry Triestman |

Meet Your Neighbor: Dr. Barry Triestman

Jenny Goldsmith/Sierra SunDr. Barry Triestman

Name: Dr. Barry Triestman

Age: 45

Occupation: Chiropractor/healer

Neighborhood: Tahoe Donner

How long have you lived in Truckee?

For 10 years. I moved here for skiing.

When did you open your practice?

I opened my practice essentially when I came here. I came from the suburbs of New York City where I worked with my dad who is the longest practicing chiropractor in New York state ” he’s been practicing for 61 years.

What does your practice entail?

Treating people as they would like to be treated. Chiropractic adjustment is not the total answer. I try to incorporate other things to give people a great healing experience.

What else do you incorporate?

I use a Pilates-based rehabilitation because of how great it establishes control of the body. It gives long-term profound results.

So you teach Pilates?

I teach people as part of the visit and I also teach group Pilates classes. Starting next week, I’m doing a do-it-yourself lower extremity rehabilitation, so we’ll spend part of the time doing Pilates and part of the time going to the gym so they can learn a home exercise and rehabilitation program.

What are some of your hobbies?

Like everybody else in Truckee, I love to ski, I like to mountain bike and I like hiking.

What is the difference between skiing back east and skiing in Tahoe?

There’s a big difference. We get lots of snow, they don’t. We get lots of powder, they don’t. They have good snow-making, we have lousy. They have good grooming, we have mediocre.

Do you do any volunteer work?

I’m a board member for Tahoe Women’s Services.

Why did you choose to become involved with that organization?

I think Tahoe Women’s Services chose me. I organized a women’s wellness seminar in 1998 and asked if we could donate money from the seminar to the organization and they of course said yes. Then they asked if I wanted to be a board member and I said yes. I’ve gotten some great things out of being involved. I’ve learned so much about myself by learning about the cycle of domestic violence.

Do you have any events coming up?

The Chocolate Festival is on Nov. 8. It’s our 20th anniversary so it’s a really big deal.

What is a goal you have yet to accomplish in life?

I want to get better at what I do, it’s a lifelong journey.

Is there anything your neighbors don’t know about you?

Not that I want to tell anybody.

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