Meet Your Neighbor: Greg Righellis Age: 26 Occupation: Tahoe City Sailing Program summer, |

Meet Your Neighbor: Greg Righellis Age: 26 Occupation: Tahoe City Sailing Program summer,

Greg Righellis

How long have you lived in Tahoe? I have been living in Tahoe as a permanent resident for four years. I am originally from Oakland, but I have been coming back and forth for about 17 years.

I heard you have quite an unusual hobby, tell us about it.

Yes, I like to wake up before the

sunrise and swim in the lake, dive around the piers to pick up trash.

And when did start doing that?

I have always picked out trash from the lake and wherever I saw it, but this summer I officially, voluntarily started doing it every day.

What inspired you?

My friends and I usually go to high altitude streams to dive. One time I observed a fish school while they were eating mosquitoes that were over the

surface from underwater, the same mosquitoes that were bothering me. The things you can see under the water are unique. I have always loved the lake and it’s my small contribution to keep it clean.

What did you find in this morning’s expedition?

In 20 minutes of diving this morning I found bag full. Usually I find pieces

of boats nearby marinas and piers, many tennis and golf balls around the dog beaches and lots of beer bottles, cans and trash in general.

What are other activities you enjoy around the lake?

I like going out boating every day during summer, my favorite spot to

dive is in the East Shore. I also like back country snowboarding during winter.

Do people around town know about the work you have been doing?

No, perhaps people from my work. Sometimes people see me and turn their heads, nobody asks what am I doing. I am always under or very far in the water anyway.

What are your future expectations for Tahoe as a resident and


I hope Tahoe grows in development and people make conscious decisions to maintain the quality of the basin.

What do you call this new modality of diving? Are other people welcome to join you?

I call it “the most productive adventure of your life time.” And whoever would like to join me is more than welcome. I would like to start up a group to expand our journeys and clean all around the lake.

If you are a diver or not, you are welcome to join Greg and contribute to our lake’s water integrity. Just send him an e-mail at:

“Liz Motta performed this week’s

Meet Your Neighbor interview and photo shoot. Please email suggestions


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