Meet Your Neighbor: Name: Donna Reid Age: 43 Occupation: Photographer Neighborhood: Kings Beach |

Meet Your Neighbor: Name: Donna Reid Age: 43 Occupation: Photographer Neighborhood: Kings Beach

How long have you lived in Kings Beach?

For 15 years, but I am originally from New York.

Why Tahoe?

I ended up here, I didn’t know what to do in the winter in California, some friends suggested Tahoe and I came to check it out. I had never skied before I came here, and I wanted to do it, so I tried for a year and never left.

Tell me about your business.

My business is called “A Day in Your Life” and is about capturing the moments in people’s lives. I am going on 11 years now and it consists of travel photos, weddings and births. My idea for the name of my business came from this 80s photo book I have, called “A Day in the Life of America.”

And how do you work?

I’ll come to your home and observe, I have a degree in photojournalism, so I want to tell a story through my photos. Whether taking you to a place you have never been before, or seeing a beautiful side of a birth, or capturing what the essence of a wedding is, capturing the love surrounding the couple.

How did you get into the wedding scenario?

I never thought of doing that, but Tahoe is the third largest draw for weddings after Hawaii and Las Vegas, so I stared shooting for a friend’s wedding, and that created a snowball effect of people hearing about me.

Did you ever shoot a photo of a celebrity?

Yes, during 17 years shooting I got famous people from the ski world.

Did you ever work for a newspaper?

Yes, the Miami Herald, The Alligators, and other newspapers in Florida. I also filled in for the Tahoe World sometimes, only to cover for a friend.

Do you have any hobbies?

I mountain bike ride, hike, ski and snowboard. I love the backcountry and I love the powder.

What other sports do you enjoy?

I’ve been sky diving for 18 years now, and I have done fixed object jumping as well.

Where have you practiced those radical sports?

Mostly around California and around the world. I’ve taken a few trips for jumping, in Fjords, Norway an area that has really high 3,000-foot cliffs. And in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia for a fundraiser for down syndrome and cancer children, we jumped for observers from a 1,000-foot building. That was a while ago, but it was one of my favorite experiences. I focus my attention now on travel documentation.

I heard you just returned from a charity documentation trip to Nepal. How was that?

It was a humanitarian effort made by women of Tahoe and Truckee, members of the Bodhi Tree Foundation.

What is the Bodhi Tree Foundation?

The foundation supports and promotes community-based programs that focus on maternal and child health in the remote district of Humla, Nepal.

How was this experience for you?

I documented their efforts in distributing birthing kits and educating safer motherhood initiatives. I documented it by taking photos to motivate more women to go to Nepal to volunteer and help. For me it was an amazing experience, I always wanted to go to Nepal.

What was your main goal in this trip?

To document every aspect of our journey and the experiences in the Humla region with the Bodhi Tree Foundation. All the people we met and the views, that’s what I tried to bring back home and document; every aspect.

What do you like best about your career?

I am grateful for being a photographer because it really opened up my eyes to what is around me, and I wanted to take it all in while in Nepal. I’m hoping that my photos will do the same here.

What about traveling the U.S.?

I traveled around the U.S. for sky diving. We spent a year traveling in a school bus and then converted it into a motor home and lived out of it for four years. It was really cool, all wooded inside ” homemade in a sense ” and really cool. My friend owns it now, here in Truckee.

What was your greatest achievement and what are your plans for the future?

My greatest achievement is being my own boss, and feeling the most freedom I’ve ever felt in my life. For the future I expect to expand my photography into realms I haven’t even foreseen yet. I hope the world takes me to places far and wide.

What your neighbors don’t know about you?

A lot. I would love to be more part of their lives in any way I can through my photography.

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