Meet Your Neighbor: Wendi Moen |

Meet Your Neighbor: Wendi Moen

Emma Garrard/Sierra SunWendi Moen

Real estate agent and co-pastor of River Rock Christian Fellowship


My family has always been musical, but when I was 18 I became a Christian and shortly after that I started writing and singing about it. I picked up the guitar and started playing for Him and I made my first album in 1988. It’s getting a lot of international play ” I guess the Netherlands and Germany are playing it a lot.

I have two albums out ” the other came out in 2002. I’m independent, so I don’t have a big company behind me, which I like. So I produced them myself, and I kind of just take my time. The style is Christian contemporary. The older one is a little more Amy Grant but I would like to come out with another album that is more meditative.

It’s called Kingdom Come with Wendi Moen on Channel 6. It’s a Christian lifestyle show with everyday Christians just talking about their lives and their stories.

I just got back from Uganda and Rome. I was a keynote speaker at some women’s conferences called Women With a Mission, an international organization that sets up Christian conferences all over the world. I spoke on “Walking in the Sprit” in Uganda, and I spoke on Easter Sunday in Rome, and that was called “The Living Hope of the Resurrection.”

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I love horses. I don’t have any now, but I used to have 11. I love to write. I’m writing a book right now on the fruit of the spirit. I’m on chapter six and I’ll probably have 10 or 11 chapters. It breaks down the fruits of God in your life. It’s called “Good Tree, Bad Tree: Going After the Fruit.”

For Christmas we will be doing a Christmas Eve program (at River Rock) with a play and communion. We always have a New Years party for the community, and we’ll be having more conferences. February is a trip to the Philippines. We’ll be taking a team of about 12 for evangelical presentations. About 40 Filipinos and our band travel with us to different villages, and we do music, drama, testimonies and lessons, and we pray for the sick.

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