Meet Your Nieghbor: Scott Cahill Neighborhood: Prosser Lakeview Estates |

Meet Your Nieghbor: Scott Cahill Neighborhood: Prosser Lakeview Estates

Amy Edgett/Sierra Sun

This village is stupendous. Have you always been interested in trains and such? Since I was little kid. Mom always set one up, it was always fascinating.

When did you start your very own?

At 38. I like Christmas, I started it off with about three houses and a few trees. Then it became an art project, it takes about 60 hours. This year I started the first of November and finished Thanksgiving weekend.

The trains are marvelous, and local. Do tell.

I had the HO trains for a while and they drove me crazy. I got the O gauge, they’re bigger. I bought these in Reno. The name appealed to me, the Virginia and Truckee Railroad. The trains have the chug chug chug sound, lights, bells, whistles, passenger sounds, and you heard the “All aboard for Carson City.”

Does anybody else get to enjoy this treasure?

We have a dinner for the neighbors, neighborhood kids stop by, friends of Barbara’s [wife] come over. This is the only time I play with this, during the holidays.

Do you have other passions?

Fishing here and I bow hunt elk in Oregon.

When was the last time you got an elk?

Oh sheesh, six years. It’s hard work, I love it. The problem is to afford to go where people aren’t around. Elk don’t like people, so that’s where they are.

Are you going to tell me your favorite place to fish?



Well, Milton’s Lake up by Jackson, and I like down by the Floriston exit on the Truckee River. Everybody knows about those.

Do you catch and release?

Yes, I’ve never kept a one out of a river. I fly fish, and have kept them out of lakes.

How long have you lived in Prosser?

Nine years. I’ve been a mountain person my whole life. I was brought up in Oregon, moved to Montana at 19 and Alaska when I was 26.

What type of work do you do?

I’m a finish carpenter for Interior Finish Specialists. I’m working on a house on the summit.

Do you have a particular favorite part of finish work or wood?

Custom stair rails. And cherry, I love cherry wood. I built these picture frames out of cherry.

Tell me one thing your neighbors don’t know about you.

I’m pretty religious. Being honest is probably the most important thing you can be.

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