Melaleuca essential oil, Sagittarius go hand in hand |

Melaleuca essential oil, Sagittarius go hand in hand

I have found that those days I fill with adventure and travel tend to be my best days.

There is something so very liberating about stepping out into the unknown with no itinerary whatsoever. The fire sign known as Sagittarius would understand this statement quite well.

The Archer, representation of Sagittarius, loves nothing more than freedom — freedom to think outside the box, freedom to chart far off lands, freedom to be uniquely outgoing; these are all very important to a typical Sagittarian.

The area of the body governed by far-reaching Sagittarius is the hips, thighs and liver. Cleansing the liver is a very necessary part of a healthy Sagittarian’s regimen.

Many of these highly idealistic types tend to reduce their stress levels with lengthy hikes, walks or bike rides. Through this fabulous form of exercise, the Sagittarian ends up with sore legs and hips.

Melaleuca can help aid in the reduction of inflammation that of which causes most of the pain experienced after a high endurance trek.

Melaleuca also helps to detoxify the body internally as well as externally, try a drop in coconut oil for acne reducing face oil.

You could add a drop in a veggie capsule and take daily for regular GI cleansing. This particular essential oil also helps to ward off worms, Candida and other nasty invaders.

While the aroma is known to be quite medicinal to most the scent doesn’t tend to linger for long. I feel as if Melaleuca is one of those essential oils that can benefit almost every household in one way or another.

It can be said that this oil has an emotional component that helps breakdown co-dependent relationships.

I think I understand most why the freedom loving and always-autonomous Sagittarian would gravitate towards this simple and straightforward scent.

If you feel your feet could use some pampering as well as cleansing please come to the spa for a Melaleuca infused treatment.

We will be sure you’re sent home fresh and free.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care in Tahoe Vista. Visit northlakemassageand to learn more.

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