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Mickeys Pet Stop is going strong

Mickeys Pet Stop is back, DBA Mickeys Pet Grooming, Bath andamp; Boutique. Rosemary worked at her old location for two years under Mickeys Pet Stop Inc. The current owner terminated the Mickeys independent contact for pet grooming in October of 2008. So Mickeys Pet Stop opened at Donner Plaza mall in the middle of October of 2008 between New Moon and DMV. The new location features a pet spa for grooming of cats and dogs, pet supplies, pet food at the lowest prices in town and we bathe your pet for $20 anytime. Walk-ins welcome for grooming, nails, ear cleaning and baths. For the Truckeeons who knew Auggie, our store cat, that sat on our counter at the old store for 17 years: Auggie again started sitting on the counter at the opening of the new store. Sadly Auggie past away two days before Christmas, but Rosemary did get a friend for Auggie to try and keep him young. Mickey, (the kitten) is his name, however when Auggie left us, Mickey (the kitten) became depressed and we had to get his brother Donald. So goes the circle of life at Mickeys. One goes and we end up with two. How does this happen? In addition, we have Heidi Erickson with 18 years experience in grooming. She owned her own grooming store in Washington. With Heidi, Rosemary, Mickey, there is a combined experience of 28-plus years. Remember to join our Mickeys Pet Club for greater savings, where your pet is a family member of ours, only at Mickeys.