Mind-boggling news about the mind

Diane Kern
Special to the Sun

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — News flash!

There is no camera in your head. Your brain only receives light waves bouncing off things in your field of vision. Light waves? Yes. Light waves. How do you use light waves?

Your marvelous brain “transforms” the light waves into another form, and then into another form, and then…

Your marvelous brain is, in effect, a “transform engine” of awesome power. The good news is that these processes will be the subject of a tremendous amount of research in the next decade.

Eventually, following transformations of the form of the information originally received as light waves, new information that you can use encounters a data base, your mind.

Depending upon the data base, you now know that you have encountered a table, or una mesa (Spanish) , or ein Tisch (German), or la table (French) or a, well you get the idea. Wow! That’s some data base.

And that’s only the beginning. For some, the sight of a table inspires writing — for someone else, the sight of a table invites one to sit down. That inspiration, that invitation to seat yourself is a reflection of not only who you are, but who you are at a given moment.

The “who you are” alluded to above is an actor.

Bottom line is, we are always actors engaging our world, tapping a data base of tremendous computing power that guides us as we then act.

Now, the question arises, what does “guides our action” really mean? Oh dear, we’ve bumped into an age-old philosophical question here, do we have free will?

You’d be surprised if you took a peek at that age-old debate in light of contemporary science. Setting that aside for future discussion, today you are invited to consider the notion of “free won’t.” Therein lies considerable power; the power to transform yourself, the power to overcome self-defeating habits, the power to consciously influence and exploit the data base that is your mind.


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