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Missing boy prompts three-hour search; Glenshire neighborhood rallies to help find 5-year-old

Every parent’s nightmare of searching for a missing child came true for one Glenshire family Sunday.

The nightmare ended when their 5-year-old boy was found nearly four hours after he disappeared-somewhat bloodied, but otherwise OK.

Brandon Staab was found lying near Glenshire Pond after what his parents suspect was a bicycle accident.

Staab’s mother Lisa said the day was something she never wants to happen again.

“It was the scariest day for me and my husband,” she said. “I can’t believe he took off so quickly.”

Lisa Staab said Brandon and his 9-year-old sister Britteny were playing at Glenshire Elementary School, located just across the street from their home. The two had left the house at noon. At 2 p.m. their father Greg called for them to come home. Britteny returned, but Brandon stayed on the playground. Britteny said to her father to get Brandon because she said she thought Brandon didn’t want to stop playing.

Lisa said Greg stopped what he was doing and in the time it took him to turn around and begin across the road, Brandon was gone. She said the two took off on their bikes to search for Brandon on the trail that leads from the school to their home.

Lisa said she had no clue that Brandon was missing.

“When Britteny and (Greg) left, I was cleaning in the house,” she said. “They never told me where they were going. Greg’s father called to speak with Greg and I looked out and saw no one around. I told his father that I would relay the message that he called. I was still clueless.”

She said when the two returned she asked where they had gone and they told her then that Brandon was missing.

She said she called the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office to report the missing boy.

“When the sheriff’s office heard (Brandon) was only 5 years old, they came over right away to get his picture and begin searching,” she said. “They drove through the neighborhood and used the public address system to describe him. If I would have heard that I probably would have lost it.”

She said the neighborhood came out in numbers to help with the search.

“The doorbell rang and I thought it was someone with Brandon,” she said. “But when I opened the door there were at least 20 kids on bikes asking me what Brandon looked like. I couldn’t believe it.”

The sheriff’s office advised Lisa to call everyone she knew and any parent of someone Brandon might know from school. She did that and waited.

“One of my friends said everyone walked out of their houses when the sheriff went by the with PA system,” she said. “People were driving and biking everywhere trying to help.”

Brandon was found after 5 p.m. by Diane and Dick Ward, who were walking along the pond. They heard a whimper and discovered the boy lying on a pile of rocks.

Melinda Mezger said she had just heard about the missing boy at the general store. She returned home and saw the Wards walking a boy to their home.

“I called out and asked if his name was Brandon,” Mezger said. “They said it was, then they brought him to my house and I called 9-1-1.

“He was hysterical. He seemed to be in shock.”

Mezger said it was the timing and the chain of events that led to the boy’s discovery.

“If the person at the store hadn’t mentioned the missing boy, we probably wouldn’t have known who he was or if he was missing.”

When Lisa was driven to Mezger’s home in a patrol car, she said she was overwhelmed with the neighborhood support.

“There were people lined up on the streets,” she said. “People were everywhere and they were there for Brandon.”

Lisa said she ran up to Brandon who was covered in blood from the cut on his head. She and others believe Brandon probably laid unconscious near the pond for some time.

The boy didn’t need an emergency transport but was taken by his parents to Tahoe Forest Hospital, where he received four stitches.

“Brandon’s OK,” she said. “We are all still pretty shaken up.”

She said Brandon told her he got on the wrong trail leading to their home. He said he kept looking for a brown house with a long driveway.

When he was found, Brandon wasn’t far from a brown house with a long driveway-the only problem, it was the wrong house.

Lisa thanked the neighborhood, the sheriff’s office, Truckee Fire Department, the California Highway Patrol and the Placer County Search and Rescue for their help and support with the search.

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