More roundabouts in Truckee’s future |

More roundabouts in Truckee’s future

Truckee’s dual-lane, double roundabout project at Interstate 80 and Highway 89 south, one of the most unique roundabout projects in California, will be built for approximately $3.5 million.The project, which was delayed over the summer due to rising construction material costs that translated into bids that came in more than $1 million higher than expected, will be ready for construction this coming spring as long as regional funding applications come through. Burdick Excavating won the bid, which was authorized by the Truckee Town Council last week. The project is still dependent on whether the town is awarded $350,000 in regional transportation funding and $396,000 in Bicycle Transportation Account money for the project.

The roundabouts will go in at the onramp and offramp intersections of Interstate 80 and Highway 89 south. If the town had not taken the lead on planning the roundabouts, Caltrans was proposing to put in traffic signals at the intersection. Truckee officials, however, feared signals could cause a backup of traffic onto the interstate during peak ski days. Caltrans is contributing $750,000 to the project.Truckee officials plan to negotiate several changes to the bid, after it has been awarded, that could end up saving the town $200,000 or more in construction costs.

These savings would then go toward the management of the project, which is not included in the bid.Public Works Director Dan Wilkins said that he was confident that the roundabouts have been planned well and did not see any major unplanned costs cropping up unexpectedly.

“I am confident that we have a tight set of plans and a tight set of specifications,” said Wilkins.Wilkins said that Caltrans and other transportation experts are following this project, which is unique in California, to see how it works once completed.”They are really looking at this project as setting the example …,” said Wilkins. “The idea is if it will work here it will work anywhere.”