Mountain Times: A fond look back at the 2010 Olympics |

Mountain Times: A fond look back at the 2010 Olympics

Norm and Alan Nicholls
Special to the Sun

The Olympic Torch in Vancouver, B.C., has been extinguished and another Winter Olympics is history. Yes, we now can get back to a normal sleep pattern, but our memories of the games and the individuals and teams who played the many events will last for years.

I still remember the real and#8220;miracle on iceand#8221; at the 1960 Olympics at Squaw Valley. I was pleased to see the Sun carrying Mark McLaughlin’s column about the and#8220;Team of Destinyand#8221; a couple of weeks ago. Mark described some of the details of the incredible accomplishments that this team of amateurs, from different walks of life, were able to achieve in order to beat the hockey powerhouses of the world and to win the gold medal.

I also still recall Carol Heiss and David Jenkins winning the gold medals in the women’s and men’s figure skating competitions, Penny Pitou winning two silver medals, the ski jumping, the speed skating, and more. I listened to Olympic broadcasts and updates on the radio, and. TV broadcasts were in black and white (at least in my house).

Some of this year’s athletes achieved their dreams of winning an Olympic medal and#8212; others did not. Many others achieved their and#8220;personal bestsand#8221; and didn’t even get air time. Some made fortunes; others will have to work hard when they return home to cover the expenses of years of training and the equipment required to try to become and#8220;one of the best.and#8221;

The Olympics are a measure of life … the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and all the emotions and accomplishments in between.

We all cried for acts of achievement, personal crises and for the emotions of national honor displayed by many athletes and spectators from throughout the world. This is all good and I am sure that most of us can hardly wait for the next Olympics!

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A final thank you to all our Tahoe/Truckee area athletes, and the athletes of the world for their years of hard work, and dedication; and to the Moms, Dads and families for their efforts and sacrifices to help their children follow their dreams!

I found it interesting that Ralph Lauren was applauded for (and paid a lot of money for) creating the U.S. Olympic Team uniform (for the opening ceremony) which featured a short-waisted version of the original and#8220;North Faceand#8221; parka (circa 60’s, 70’s) but with the Polo pony logo over the heart.

I also got a chuckle over the pajama-like coats, parkas and uniforms of the freestyle and snowboard teams, featuring multiple white stars on a blue background. The uniforms of these athletes are an expression of their free spirits. The performances of these athletes were superb and continue to exceed the boundaries of gravity and the wildest imaginations of the common man. They deserve to wear whatever they want!

Conversely, the skin-tight uniforms of the skiers, speed skaters, ski jumpers and bobsledders are designed to make each athlete as aerodynamic as possible in sports that are measured by hundredths of seconds and the matter of inches. They also accentuate everything that is good and#8220;and badand#8221; about the human body. You could pretty much see who trained hard and those who enjoyed a brew or two between work outs!

I have written this column in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Alice and I have had a nice visit with our daughter Christy, who lives here, but we are looking forward to coming home. The air temperatures have been in the 40s and chill factors in the 30s. Didn’t get much use out of our shorts or our golf clubs! See you on the slopes next week.

Norm and Alan Nicholls of the Nicholls Real Estate Group are affiliated with Dickson Realty at 11500 Donner Pass Rd. in Truckee.