My Turn: A response to Bergmann’s statement |

My Turn: A response to Bergmann’s statement

My name is Ramona Cruz and I want to tell you my loyalties are not divided. I know where I live and I know where I work and like many of us I make a living outside my community in our neighboring district. I consider myself fortunate that I have a skill set that I use every day and that it can benefit my community. I’m a CPA and work in local government, I have for 18+ years.

I’m taken back and disappointed at my opponent John Bergmann’s statement in the Sierra Sun’s Oct. 12 election section of why people should vote for him. I’m disappointed that he chose to include a sideways statement of why people should not vote for me and cast aspersions on my loyalty. I work for the TCPUD and have lived in the Kings Beach/Tahoe Vista area for over 26 years.

Both NTPUD and TCPUD are neighboring public entities and both provide sewer, water, and recreation to their community. By definition, they are not in competition with each other. Their books are open, there are no trade secrets, they govern in public, and with the mutual desire to serve the community in the best way they can. I want to use my skill set to serve the NTPUD. How is this divided loyalty?

Mr. Bergmann chose to include in his statement of qualifications a negative comment about me, suggesting I had “divided loyalty” and a hidden agenda. This is untrue, misinformed and absurd. Instead of doing his homework and truly considering these accusations with an independent determination of their truth, he chose to include them in his statement of why people should vote for him, instead of me.

Mr. Bergmann made a decision to play the most divisive game in politics by trying to instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt. He attacked my character, my morals and my loyalty. He does not know me.

The implication that I would interfere with grant funding between the PUDs is a direct attack on my moral character and professional ethics. Anyone who knows me or takes the time to know me knows this is preposterous. I hold myself to a high moral and ethical standard. I invite anyone to call my past and present employers, non-profit boards I’ve served on, the many organizations I’ve volunteered for and ask them about my character.

Yes, there are contractual and financial arrangements between both water districts that are mutually beneficial. What’s wrong with this? Shouldn’t we want to work together?

Of course we compete for qualified employees like every other public and private employer in the North Tahoe/Truckee Region. Isn’t’ this a good thing for the person seeking employment?

It’s this kind of behavior that keeps North Tahoe isolated. We need to stop pitting ourselves against one another; this only distracts us from the real issues and from working together as a community.

I don’t dispute Mr. Bergmann’s qualifications, but he should be able to stand on his own merit without having to cast a shadow on me or my loyalty.

This low-road campaigning is an attempt to sway votes and does not offer up solid or concrete reasons of why the voter should vote for him rather than me. Campaign statements should be based on reliable accurate information and not on unsubstantiated comments. Let’s all do our homework and put untruths to rest.

After reading this you still may not consider me the better candidate for NTPUD but please base that decision on facts and not on a sideways attempt to derail my character and question my loyalty.

Ramona Cruz is a candidate for the North Tahoe Public Utility District Board of Directors.

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