My Turn: Bus station folly |

My Turn: Bus station folly

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to previous Sun reports, the Tahoe City Transit Center project carries a price tag of $7 million, according to stats provided by Peter Kraatz, Placer County Public Works deputy director.

Dear fellow Citizens of Lake Tahoe.

This is in regard to the newly started and#8220;Bus Stationand#8221; project going in at the 64-acre nature site in Tahoe City. Seeing these great trees fall reminds me how stupid and wasteful government is with our money.

Here we are in the middle of a great depression, and bureaucrats think it’s a good plan to spend $10 million on a new bus station, in the middle of a nature preserve, for buses that run day and night empty, spewing forth oil and soot because they’re old and not well-maintained, leaving huge dust clouds as they pass through, empty. (Thought dust was the big enemy of lake clarity?) The noise and danger of large buses traveling on narrow, steep mountain roads is extraordinarily stupid because they are not needed. People have cars.

All county supervisors who voted to spend $10 million on a new bus station, for empty, dangerous, dusty unneeded buses should be fired and certainly voted out, in these, or any other times.

On top of that, same style bureaucrats are now planning to spend $4 million on a new city center. If they had one ounce of sense in them, they would abandon both these arrogantly stupid projects. Just because they can spend other people’s tax money is not a good reason to do it.

To help, I offer better ideas.

First, buy two small vans and park then on TRPA’s parking lot. Run them for profit, to at least pay for the costs of driving no one around in circles. There, I’ve saved $10 million and a nature preserve.

Next, rather then spend $4 million on a new government center, buy or lease an existing building. In fact, why not stay where you are? There, I’ve saved another $4 million. How do I do it? It’s amazing what common sense can lead to.

Since TRPA does stop private citizens from building even a doghouse in our own backyard because it will and#8220;pollute the lake,and#8221; why then do they allow and encourage these spend thrift county supervisors to waste millions on unneeded and unwanted projects? Because TRPA … spending our tax dollars on useless projects while shutting down private enterprise. So what’s new? It’s time to pare government way back.

Thomas Kohlberg is a Homewood resident.

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