My Turn: saving great places in Truckee |

My Turn: saving great places in Truckee

Rolf Godon
Special to the Sun

We are a community dedicated to maintaining our historical and small-town atmosphere. We are committed to enhancing recreational opportunities and broadening our economic/tourist appeal. Now that our rampant development has significantly slowed down (thank God) we have the unique opportunity to take a deep breath and focus on quality of life issues.

A great place that is calling to be saved for historical purposes as well as recreational use is the old ski hill at Hilltop. From a historical perspective, the old J bar lift is still in place as is the old rope tow next to it as well as the engines. There is an old railway car as well as the old lodge in the area. What a shame it would be to eliminate this history from our community. From a recreational perspective this area offers the possibility of being retro-developed as a family area for sledding, tubing and even some skiing. Renovation of the old buildings could house rental shops, snack bars, coffee shops and a museum of local history. There is already rather widespread sledding done on McGiver Hill, attesting to interest in this family recreation. Having a safe alternative to that area would eliminate a safety hazard, parking problems and and#8220;legaland#8221; use.

My vision for this retro-historical recreation area sees an interagency cooperative venture including the Town, Recreation and Parks as well as an adjacent land owner, the PUD. This would most certainly be an added tourist attraction, broadening economic diversity. The local ice rink could perhaps be moved to that location.

Let us seize this opportunity, before development once again reigns, to save the great spaces and places while they still exist. This lull presents a time to look, to vision and to act. This, for the enhancement of our quality of life, maintaining some of what we moved here for and to broaden in a sustainable way, our economic viability.

Contact members of the Town Council, write letters to the paper, speak up at town meetings. It is the energy of our community that will make this happen. What spaces and places would you like to see preserved while they still exist?

Rolf Godon is a 35 year resident committed to retaining the ambiance that was and to some degree still is Truckee.