My Turn: Supporting our fire chief |

My Turn: Supporting our fire chief

Phyllis Keller
Special to the Sun

There are two quotes I ran across months ago when I was browsing a Internet quote site and they go like this, and#8220;What good fortune for Governments that people do not think,and#8221; and and#8220;Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.and#8221; Both by the same author, but before I reveal his name let me tell you why I think they pertain to Truckee today.

and#8220;There seems to be an ugliness residing here.and#8221; This was said to me two weeks ago by a wonderful gentleman who has resided here for only two years. He wondered why the people of this town make everything a personal attack instead of dealing with the problem(s) in question in a professional and reasonable manner. I could only reply that people here seem to think that ignorance of the issues is an easier way to deal with them than taking the time to find out the facts for themselves. It takes time to investigate the issues and not many people find it important enough. They can, after all, read the paper, talk to their friends, attend a board meeting and listen to those who mistakenly think they are and#8220;someoneand#8221; in this community. Whether or not the facts presented are embellished, misconstrued or outright lies is of no consequence to them.

If you look up ignorance in the dictionary it loosely means that a person is absent of the facts, not that the person is stupid. Truckee seems to have a small minority of people who are willing to be led to the waters edge by the piper to face the known consequences, with little resistance. After all itand#8217;s easier to follow than to lead.

At the recent Truckee Fire Protection Board meeting on May 18, the chief of Squaw Valley was called a and#8220;realand#8221; fire chief by Truckee resident Jim Porter, as opposed to TFPDand#8217;s chief, Chief Keller. I would have liked to asked Jim Porter what his definition of a fire chief is and#8212; I did not. The rudeness of it did not dignify a response, and his continued disrespect for the board and its proceedings should have resulted in his expulsion. Chief Keller has 35 years of fire experience in fire fighting and two college degrees, one in fire science. Twenty-six of those years were with CDF, now Cal Fire, five were with North Tahoe Fire as a Division Chief and the remainder as Truckeeand#8217;s fire chief. Jim Porterand#8217;s and#8220;realand#8221; chief allegedly did not have one day of fire experience before becoming chief of Squaw Valley. The constituents of Squaw Valley, however, pay a higher salary to their and#8220;realand#8221; chief than we do here in Truckee. The Truckee taxpayers should appreciate the fact that Squaw Valley employs the and#8220;realand#8221; chief.

Some of you may already know the author of the above quotes. It was Adolf Hitler. My personal feelings of the man are this. He was one of the most vile, evil and despicable human beings to have ever walked the face of this planet. What he was able to accomplished in Europe was because people were ignorant and easily led. They followed because they and#8220;believedand#8221; what they were told. Isnand#8217;t it interesting how little this world has changed?

Phyllis Keller is a Truckee resident and has been married to Chief Keller for 23 years.