My Turn: Thanks for all the anti-biomass support |

My Turn: Thanks for all the anti-biomass support

Dawn and Mike BaffoneSpecial to the Sun

KINGS BEACH, Calif. andamp;#8212; On behalf of the Lake Tahoe Anti-Biomass Plant Coalition, we would like to thank those who helped influence the TRPA to reject Kings Beach as a location for a biomass facility. We are sure it would have been built in Kings Beach if it werenandamp;#8217;t for all of us andamp;#8212; the residents, the homeowners, the lovers of Lake Tahoe andamp;#8212; standing up against it.But our fight is not yet over. We must not stop actively opposing this project until TRPA and Placer County find a site out of the basin for it, or there is a resolution from Placer County or from TRPA which would ban a biomass plant from being constructed not only in Kings Beach, but anywhere in the Lake Tahoe Basin.That being said, the fact that we worked together to keep it out of Kings Beach is a victory, a true testimony of what people can accomplish when we all work together for a rightful cause we are passionate about. It is amazing how quickly the defeat came once we all began getting the word out and taking action. When we know we worked together and have won, the reward comes not only by way of the satisfaction of our victory but by way of how we accomplished it; the friendships made stronger and new ones forged. As a result we are closer to our neighbors at heart. We have learned the true meaning of community and that is the greatest victory.So many have contributed in many different ways, from True Value Hardware selling anti-biomass stickers to Pelusoandamp;#8217;s who sent out pizzas with an informational flier in them. Thank you to The Grid for providing a fundraiser site, the DJs for donating their time and to Sean Oandamp;#8217;Brienandamp;#8217;s Changoloco Productions (Congrats Sean andamp; Kate!) for organizing the fundraiser and for giving technical assistance throughout the campaign.Justin Majeczkyandamp;#8217;s Varient3 Productions offered up the creation of a website and an incredible viral video, and EcoPrint of Incline Village gave us great deals on fliers and signs and helped with the creative processes. To all who signed the petition or got everyone you know to sign it, those who took time to send emails, write letters and show up to fundraisers, protests, and governmental board meetings with signs in hand, thank you. Thank you to all who donated money and supplies. Thank you to the event organizers. A special thanks to those who helped at community meetings, who were brave enough to prepare speeches and deliver them so well, or volunteered with babysitting, interpreting, or taking photographs.Thank you to Mark and Lily at the Wellness Center who donated meeting space. Many thanks to those who created webpages, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and wrote blogs and editorials; those who helped with signs andamp;#8212; assembling them, pounding them into the ground and fighting to keep them up; to those who knocked on doors, ran errands and worked at information booths; and to those who made, translated, handed out and posted fliers and stickers.Thanks to the homeowners associations and Realtors and business owners who took a stance against biomass and to those who were working for this cause long before we were. Thank you to those who wouldnandamp;#8217;t stop talking, those passionate enough to never give up. A special thank you to those who offered words of encouragement and gave pep talks, and prayed prayers andamp;#8212; you made this happen. To all of those unmentioned, those working behind the scenes, we thank you so very much. We are honored to know you all.Together with the Friends of Lake Tahoe and the North Tahoe Citizens Action Alliance, the Lake Tahoe Anti-Biomass Plant Coalition and all of those mentioned above, through this experience we have established a precedent for others in the basin to follow who may be required to come against this same type of absurdity.Just because this single battle is over, do not forget that there is still a chance that a biomass plant or some other type of threatening facility may be proposed somewhere else in the basin in the future. Please remember how you helped with this campaignandamp;#8217;s success, as you may be called upon to act again. Equipped with the experience gained through our victory, we are sure to know that together we have the power needed in defeating other potential threats to our health, our future, our lakeandamp;#8217;s well being.Dawn and Mike Baffone are Kings Beach residents and members of the Lake Tahoe Anti-Biomass Plant Coalition.

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