My Turn: Vote ‘no’ on Measure J |

My Turn: Vote ‘no’ on Measure J

TRUCKEE, Calif. – These days driving around Truckee, one can realize that another election is upon us, since town’s intersections are peppered with election advertising. This year I am not that into elections and politics. After 2008 and my disappointment as a liberal with Obama, I decided that I sit out this time and let others decide.

Then I saw a sign, “Yes on J, Truckee First.” I could not figure out what this sign was about. Now as a person born and raised in the Middle East I know well what “Israel First” means in America, but Truckee First, no idea, did not ring a bell. Thanks for the Internet I Googled it. An $8.5 million bond to build a swimming pool? Are we insane?

We live in Tahoe Donner and its swimming pools are hardly used and they are open to public. Why can’t people use Tahoe Donner swimming pools? They are heated and have great ambiance and they are clean. It costs some $7 or $8 a day to use Tahoe Donner swimming facilities.

As far as I am concerned, Truckee needs another swimming pool like we need another golf course. But then Empire building is as American as apple pie. And Park and Recreation wants to build an empire here in Truckee.

A few years ago there was this small business called Curves, right across from the hospital. We women went there, exercised, talked to each other, discussed issues of importance to our town and country and made lasting friendships. The place was convenient. It was in the middle of town. It was close to shopping, hospital, doctor offices, post office and so on and so forth. I could accomplish a lot at the same time spending an hour or so exercising.

A couple of hundred women, I was told, would visit Curves weekly, before I had joined. Then the hospital built its own exercise facilities, one at the hospital and one at the physical therapy across the street from the hospital. Then came the Parks and Recreation, and they built from our tax dollars the new community center on the other side of town and charged half as much as Curves charged. It’s my opinion this is why Curves went out of business, and I stopped exercising.

The new community center is way in the left field as far as I am concerned. There is nothing around there. I have been there a few times and it is empty, which makes it boring. They have some classes there for children. But as far as adults, it is a ghost building. So why do they want to build a swimming pool? Which business do they want to run out of business now?

With fuel becoming more expensive every day, how are they planning to heat the pool? And who will pay for it? There is a swimming pool at the high school, there are three of them in Tahoe Donner, Northstar has its own club house with swimming pool. Squaw Valley and Squaw Creek have swimming pools. And some are open to public and they are all under-utilized. And so does the gated community of Lahontan, not open to public. In addition, many of the pools are closed for winter due to harsh conditions.

What we need in Truckee is a library/cultural center where our children and members of our community can go sit and read a book without rubbing shoulders with the next person. Where we can have computers in our community to access Internet, learn about world news, listen to music, do research and apply for jobs without having to reserve the computer in advance. Why spend the money on pools which we have so many of them?

Vote NO on J, and let’s work to build a library/cultural center in the core area of Truckee, within walking distance to all other businesses we all use every day in our community. Let our tax dollars benefit all and not just a few.

Parvin Darabi is a Truckee resident.

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