My Turn: Wake up and speak out, Truckee |

My Turn: Wake up and speak out, Truckee

People of Truckee it is time to wake up and speak out. The proposed Hotel Avery is a very large building that will block the view of historic Hilltop from downtown. This hotel will also change the historic character of South River Street forever.

This is a planed 35-room hotel with a full-service restaurant. The plan calls for underground parking with 38 parking spaces. The hotel must provide valet parking 24/7 to make their proposed parking structure work because eight of the parking spaces are stacked. That means that vehicles must be parked in the driving lanes to account for the 38 spaces. Vehicles will have to be jockeyed around to retrieve a car that may be buried behind six cars. Would you park your very expensive SUV in a parking garage that is packed so tight that cars must be moved to accommodate a parking requirement?

This question must be asked: Where will the customers and employees of the restaurant park if the hotel is 100 percent full. The answer will be that customers and employees will park in the front of residential residents on South River Street; or the developer will provide remote parking and the customers and the employees will be bused in. Is this what the character of Truckee is about?

The developer is marketing this proposed project as a condominium but operating it as a hotel. Why? The lot size will not accommodate a parking structure large enough to provide the Town of Truckee Development Code parking requirements as a condominium. Is this really a condominium or a hotel? It is a simple fact of counting. A condominium requires more parking spaces than a hotel. Should a developer be allowed to call it one thing and operate as something else?

Again I must mention the fact that there is not enough parking for the full service restaurant and the hotel. I am wondering why Town of Truckee staff is even considering this project base on the fact that the developer cannot provide enough parking spaces for this proposed project.

I have more to say about this proposed hotel. But that is all I am going to say about that for now. I believe that this is a great proposal, has merit and would be an asset to this community. With that said, this proposal is just too large for the area and would better serve this community if it were located on West River Street instead of the junk yards that this community now has.

It appears to me that Town of Truckee staff and the developer are inventing new Town of Truckee Development Codes to make this hotel work. Does the town have the right to change development codes written by the people of this community to meet the convenience of the developer? I say no.

This is not the first time that the changing of codes has come up to meet the needs of the developers. This is your town. The Town of Truckee Development Codes are your laws. The only way this will stop is by speaking out. I cannot change the way the Town of Truckee is doing business by myself. The only time people speak out is when an issue impacts their backyards. I believe it is time that “the people” of this community should start considering the entire Town of Truckee as your backyard.

I can tell you this: My home is for sale and I will be moving from this community. I would be asking you to vote for me as town councilman if my plan was to stay. I’m now looking for two good people to vote for in November who know how to read and understand law. I’m looking for people who know how to say no! I’m looking for people who want to keep the Town of Truckee character as mandated by the new updated General Plan. I am also looking for people who I can support on some of the special district seats that will be up for election in November. Please let me know who you are so that I may support you in November.

I am just one guy who cares. I’m standing on the corner on my soap box speaking out as loud as I can to be heard because I do have a real love for this community. I invite you to contact your decision makers and tell them your concerns. The Town of Truckee council members need to hear from their constituents so that they may make the right decisions.

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