Name: Timea Vitus |

Name: Timea Vitus

Liz Motta/Sierra Sun

I started volunteering for the Tahoe Women Services two years ago, after ending an abusive relationship. I signed up for their volunteer training program, which helped me heal and get stronger. It also

prepared me to avoid the same encounters in the future

and to help others in similar situations.

If they experience any type of domestic abuse, rape; or

they want to help with prevention, or to participate in any community education programs. The Tahoe Women Service offers programs of prevention, intervention and treatment for those suffering, we give support for the personal growth of individuals moving through crisis to self-sufficiency by providing a “safety net” for such needs as emergency shelter, food, clothing, transportation and energy assistance.

The killing of a Tahoe City resident by her boyfriend. At first I was shocked and in disbelief that a human being could commit such an atrocious act so close to me. But then, many of us (women) tried to learn from that sad situation, and I realized that we do need to get help at the very first sign of abuse, do not let time go by, things get out of control faster than you think. It’s O.K. to ask for help, don’t be afraid! Because everybody has the right to a safe and happy life.

Usually women and children under abuse are scared, ashamed, have no self-esteem and always hope that things will get better, but they only get worst.

No, not at all. Abuse, rape and other violence acts against women and children can happen to anyone, anywhere ” independent of gender, race or social-economical status. As a matter of fact, most women are raped by someone they know.

Through government grants, private donations and through fundraising events like the famous play Vagina Monologues, and the upcoming 20th Annual Chocolate and Wine Festival on Nov. 8, 2008, 7 p.m. at the North Tahoe Conference Center.

Anyone may help by donating money, attending our events, volunteering or just by referring someone who needs help.

Remember that silence can be a killer. Speak out, don’t be afraid! We are here to help. Don’t give up the hope for a better future, have some faith in you. You and I, all of us deserve a better life, without violence.

For assistance or further information on women issues visit If you are in an emergency call the 24-hour help line at (800) 736-1060. Pida ayuda ya! Lina de ayuda las 24 horasz.

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