Necropsy reveals bear had eaten garbage |

Necropsy reveals bear had eaten garbage

Results from a necropsy on a yearling black bear that was killed last Wednesday in Tahoma showed that the 150-pound bear had ingested plastic bags and bird seed, and also verified that the wild animal did not carry rabies, said Kyle Orr, spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Game.

The young bear was killed by wildlife officials after a Tahoma resident reported that the bear had clawed at her leg.

Fish and Game’s policy is to protect the public in the event that a wild animal becomes a threat to humans, said Jerry Karnow, a Nevada County warden.

“The department does not want to be in the business of going out and chasing and killing bears,” Karnow said. “As soon as anybody has an inkling that bears are hanging around humans, contact Fish and Game immediately to rectify the problem before a clash between humans and bears happens.”

” Jenny Goldsmith, Sierra Sun