Nevada County crews work to keep roads clear this winter |

Nevada County crews work to keep roads clear this winter

Special to the Sun

Throughout the winter, the Nevada County Department of Public Works works to maintain safety on county-maintained public roadways, including clearing roadside ditches and, in a proactive effort to minimize the formation of ice during freezing conditions, utilizing a liquid brine solution on pavement.

The brine can give roads a wet appearance that leaves behind a white residue, but significantly reduces ice on public roads. The brine solution can last anywhere from seven to 10 days and reduces the need to apply salt or sand.

When snow accumulates creating hazardous situations on western county roadways, main arterial and collector roads, primary emergency response routes and school bus routes are prioritized and plowed first. This can cause delays in clearing smaller residential streets. To improve response times to residential areas during winter weather, snow removal equipment is stored full time along higher elevation routes, including Washington Road, Scotts Flat Road, North Bloomfield Road, Columbia Hill (North San Juan), Cascade Shores and Banner Quaker Hill.

Throughout eastern Nevada County, snow removal contractors plow snow on busy county roadways including Donner Pass Road, parts of Glenshire Drive and Hirschdale Road, Floriston Road, and the Hobart Mills area.

 Contact the Nevada County Department of Public Works for more information on county road maintenance activity at or call 530-265-1411.

Source: Nevada County CEO Rick Haffey