Nevada County has unclaimed tax returns |

Nevada County has unclaimed tax returns

Robyn Moormeister
Sun News Service

GRASS VALLEY ” Not wanting to seem Scrooge-like, the Franchise Tax Board is searching for 63 Nevada County taxpayers who are owed a total of $10,547 in unclaimed state tax refunds.

Throughout California, more than 37,000 taxpayers are owed $9.8 million in unclaimed state tax refunds, according to the tax board.

“Our main theory for this problem is people file a tax return, then move,” tax board spokesman John Barrett said. “They tell neighbors, friends and the bank they’re moving, but they clean forget to tell us. The post office returns the checks to us, and

they’re just sitting here.”

Of the 63 Nevada County residents ” or former residents ” who have not received their tax returns, 16 people were from Grass Valley, with $2,984 in unclaimed checks, Barrett said. The rest of the residents are scattered throughout the outlying areas of the county, he said.

Most of the state’s uncashed individual refunds, ranging from one dollar to more than $68,000, were returned to the tax board as undeliverable by the post office.

To update an address and claim your undelivered tax refund, call the Franchise Tax Board at 1-(800) 852-5711.