Nevada County OKs health officer |

Nevada County OKs health officer

Dave Moller
Sun News Service

The sometimes-contentious post of Nevada County Public Health Officer has been filled again, but the physician taking the job said Friday he has no worries about his new position.

Dr. Joseph Iser, 56, a physician who has spent the past 24 years with the United States Public Health Service, is expected to be approved as the new county Public Health Officer Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting. He will be the third person to hold the job in four years.

The last, Dr. Brent Packer, stormed out of office last May, blasting county hierarchy for allegedly badgering him and undermining his authority. CEO Rick Haffey said Packer had problems following directions.

Dr. Kent Cutler preceded Packer. Cutler left on good terms in 2004 after one year to spend more time with his family. Iser, who now lives and works in the Bay Area, is on loan to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a medical investigator, and is slated to start Jan. 16 in Nevada County.

Iser has served as a hands-on physician in clinics and extensively with state and federal government entities. He has worked on food-borne outbreaks, sexually transmitted infections and other communicable disease programs.