Nevada County supervisors respond to recall

Supervisors have called the recall effort against them “false,” “misleading,” and “a waste of your taxpayer dollars.”

All five Nevada County supervisors face a recall effort against them. Citing reasons like excessive government and failing to remove the public health officer, recall advocates on Dec. 20 filed the necessary paperwork to begin the recall process.

Supervisors had until Dec. 28 to file their responses. All five submitted a rebuttal.

Recall proponents have 120 days from Dec. 28 to gather enough signatures to hold the recall.

“The petition makes claims that are false and misleading,” Supervisor Sue Hoek writes. “The county has a duty to follow the rule of law in its implementation of public health mandates.”

Nevada County Supervisor Su… by The Union

“This recall petition is unwarranted, is a waste of your government’s time and a waste of your taxpayer dollars,” Supervisor Ed Scofield states.

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Supervisor Dan Miller in his response said he led the effort to disburse more than $1 million in COVID-19 federal, state and local funding. Additionally, he supported the county’s Environmental Health Department on strategies that allowed businesses to stay open despite over-reaching shutdown orders from the state.

“This recall is an emotional response and desperate effort by a fringe minority who did not get their way,” states Miller. “Their allegations lack credibility and do not withstand the test of truth. I sought to protect citizen’s health in the face of a deadly virus. I have fully supported the use of therapeutics as a medical response for those who contracted the virus. Partisan politics never influenced my vote. I ask Third District voters to reject the recall.”

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Supervisor Hardy Bullock said the county supported its health care professionals, who followed the best medical advice.

“This petition is an assault on the community and the people of Nevada County, predicated on conspiracy theories and myth,” Bullock writes. “Do not be fooled.”

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Supervisor Heidi Hall said the board has succeeded in building more housing, provided services and homes to homeless people, expanded broadband and ensured fiscal stability.

“None of your rights have been violated and our public health actions exist to protect the community,” she states.

Nevada County Supervisor He… by The Union


If recall supporters get 20% of registered voters in a supervisorial district to sign a petition, the recall would happen in that district. A recall could cost over $200,000 as a standalone election. The cost is reduced to $1.26 per voter if the recall is consolidated with a regularly scheduled election.

Election officials have said that if a recall petition is successful, an election must occur no sooner than 88 days, and not later than 125 days, after officials declare it sufficient.

Voters would have two questions for each supervisor to be recalled, said Natalie Adona, assistant clerk-recorder/registrar of voters. The first is whether the voters want to recall the elected official. The second is if that person is recalled, who the voters would like to take that elected official’s place. A majority is required for the first question to succeed.

William Roller is a staff writer with The Union, a sister publication to the Sierra Sun. He can be reached at

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