Nevada County’s population grows by 205 people |

Nevada County’s population grows by 205 people

Sun news service

Nevada County’s estimated population grew by 205 people, or 0.2 percent, in the past year, according to new U.S. Census data released today.

The figures show a countywide population of 97,027 as of July 1 of last year, compared with 96,822 for the same time a year earlier.

Year-to-year growth is slowing for most counties and cities throughout the state, reflecting the prolonged slowdown in the housing market.

Suburban sprawl in Southern California also is on the decline. Cities in eastern Callifornia, southern Nevada and Arizona continue to show rapid growth, however.

California’s population grew to 36.6 million from 36.3 million, or 0.8 percent, the data shows.

The census data was released for cities and counties nationwide.

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