New job site provides online clearinghouse for health jobs in California |

New job site provides online clearinghouse for health jobs in California

Sun staff reports

According to California’s mid-year economic forecast, health services is one of the state’s fastest-growing sectors in terms of job creation.

But commonly recognized jobs such as doctors and nurses are just the tip of the iceberg. Many health jobs offer great pay and opportunities for advancement and only require a few months or years of training to get started. These jobs ” often referred to as allied health jobs ” often are overlooked or unknown by people seeking their first job.

Health Jobs Start Here ( is a new campaign designed to shine a spotlight on those jobs ” from pharmacy aide and medical secretary to ultrasound technologist and EMT ” and to give job seekers the information and tools they need to decide if a health job is right for them.

In addition to information on more than 60 careers, including salary, work environment and training requirements, Health Jobs Start Here also provides links to local job listings and training programs across California. “Day in the Life” stories offer a real-world perspective on what health workers find rewarding and challenging about their jobs.

The site also features a Job Resource Center with advice on how to find financial aid and on-the-job tuition assistance, interview and resume tips and more.

Health Jobs Start Here is funded by a grant from The California Wellness Foundation.

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