New Year’s Resolutions: 5 ways to succeed with those 2016 goals |

New Year’s Resolutions: 5 ways to succeed with those 2016 goals

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INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — More than 4,000 years ago, Babylonians reportedly rang in the new year with an 11-day festival, vowing to their gods to be “a better Babylonian.”

Chances are, at some point in your life you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution – and chances are you’ve broken it. You’re not alone.

Psychologist Richard Wiseman discovered that 52 percent of the population makes New Year’s resolutions but only 12 percent keep them. Then why bother?

New Year’s Resolutions embody the hope of achieving personal goals. They are a roadmap, so to speak, to a better you. If you are considering resolutions, here are some tips that may help you succeed:

1. Be Realistic: Avoid vague absolutes — replace “I will work out every day” with “I will work out for 45 minutes, 4-5 times a week.” Then write down ways you will achieve your goal. Buy an annual Rec Center Membership and schedule specific days in your calendar for workouts. Refer to your commitment often and recapture the intensity of your Resolution again and again.

2. One At A Time: Accomplishing small changes rather than focusing the entire year’s goal fosters success. Example: Goal = “Lose 10 Pounds” — start by eating a healthy breakfast each morning. When this becomes a reality, change your diet, then, add your workout routine.

3. Enlist a Buddy: Studies show that sharing goals with others improves success. Engage a support team that cares about your progress. The optimal scenario is sharing your journey with a “buddy” or personal trainer. The Rec Center personal training team can help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. Call 775-832-1350 to make an appointment with a trainer.

4. Celebrate Your Progress: Remind yourself of small successes and reassure yourself that success can come again. Celebrate and reward yourself for progress with something enjoyable that doesn’t contradict your Resolution.

5. Stick To It: A recent study on integrating new behaviors suggests it takes an average of 66 days to form and stick to a new habit. So if you fall off the resolution wagon get up, dust yourself off and recommit.

The Incline Village Recreation Center wishes you a happy and healthy year. To tailor-make a wellness program that meets your personal needs and promotes success, visit the Rec Center today.

Shelia Leijon os Fitness, Health & Wellness Manager at the Incline Village Recreation Center. Visit or call 775-832-1310 to learn more.

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