Northstar aims to minimize mayhem with Winter 2023/24 Parking Plan

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Last Friday, Oct. 6, Northstar Ski Resort held a Community Open House to discuss some big news.

In the upcoming 2023/24 winter season, Northstar will be introducing a parking reservation system for weekends and peak periods. This initiative offers a multitude of advantages.

Firstly, it is expected to alleviate traffic congestion on Highway 267, while also encouraging carpooling and community transit usage. Furthermore, it will effectively address existing parking challenges and provide guests the assurance of a designated parking spot upon arrival, irrespective of their arrival time. 

Community Open House last Friday, Oct. 6.
Provided / Katey Hamill, Northstar California Resort

Additionally, this system will facilitate greater mobility solutions. The potential impact of reservations is substantial. By staggering guest arrival times, congestion on both Highway 267 and Northstar Drive will be significantly reduced.

According to GM and VP of Northstar, Amy Ohran, “We will see a significant change in circulation. We don’t have a capacity issue as much as we have a speed issue in finding park spots.”

Ultimately, the adoption of carpooling will diminish the frequency of needing off-site overflow parking. 

Northstar’s parking reservation program offers a range of options to accommodate various needs. Vehicles with four or more occupants enjoy complimentary parking, though a reservation is still necessary and occupancy is confirmed upon arrival.

For those with three or fewer guests, a reservation fee of $20 per vehicle applies at the time of booking. The program allows patrons to hold up to five reservations simultaneously, with no limit on the number of bookings throughout the season. 

Reservations are mandatory at Village View and lower paid parking lots, and at Village View, they are required until 1 p.m. on weekends and peak periods (specific dates can be found on the website). Starting from December 16, all-season paid parking will be in effect, except for Castle Peak Parking Lot, which remains free every day.

To facilitate accessibility, the Castle Peak shuttle service will have extended hours, running until 10 p.m. on weekends and peak periods when reservations are mandatory. Additionally, the program offers peace of mind with fully refundable cancellations, allowing reservations to be canceled until 8 a.m. on the day of the reservation.

Starting early November, will unveil its reservation website, offering a seamless experience for those seeking reserved parking at Northstar. It’s important to note that ADA spots, crucial for accessibility, will continue to operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, ensuring fairness for all visitors.

The revenue generated from paid parking will be allocated towards supporting essential operations and transit programs, reinforcing Northstar’s commitment to sustainable practices. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that both Ski & Ride School students and Race Team members will need to make reservations, a process efficiently managed by Interstate Parking. This comprehensive approach to parking management underscores Northstar’s dedication to providing an inclusive and convenient experience for all its patrons.

To emphasize, there are multiple avenues to obtain complimentary parking at Northstar. One method involves carpooling with four or more occupants in a vehicle, a practice that not only supports sustainability but also results in free parking.

“If everyone carpooled, we would make zero,” Senior Manager of Base Area Operations at Northstar, Tom Davis, said.

Moreover, arriving after 1 p.m. presents an opportune time for visitors to benefit from free parking. Additionally, the Castle Peak Lot remains a reliable option for free parking throughout the season, offering accessibility for guests.

Lastly, scheduling visits during midweek, particularly outside of peak periods, serves as another effective and budget-friendly approach.

Attendees at the Open House were invited to share their feedback by leaving sticky notes. It was heartening to witness the strong appreciation from community members for the collaborative efforts of Northstar and Interstate Parking in resolving this matter.

Visit or for the most up-to-date information and follow Northstar California on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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