Notes from the Tahoe Rim Trail video blog entries |

Notes from the Tahoe Rim Trail video blog entries

Greyson HowardSierra Sun

Greyson Howard/Sierra SunMembers of Greyson's thru-hiking group pause to take in the view from the Tahoe Rim Trail.

If youve been looking at the Sierra Sun website this summer, you may have noticed that weve been adding video features to some of our stories.Contemplating hand-written notes for a fifteen-day, 165-mile hike while talking to 14 other hikers, I invisioned more blisters and fatigue in my hands than on my feet, and decided our new-found video addition would allow me to capture what my fellow hikers had to say, as well as the sights and sounds of life on the trail.Youll here different members discussing the days hike, hopes for the trip, and all the highs and lows encountered on the trail.You will also get a Greysons-eye-view of hiking, panoramas, and the occasional (and sometimes surprising) wildlife encounter.

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