November birth announcements |

November birth announcements

Courtesy Tahoe-Forest Health System

Ella Gabrielle was born to Rob and Denyelle Nishimori of Truckee on Nov. 2.

Alexandra Leigh was born to Pete and Tiffany Oliva of Incline Village on Nov. 6.

Areli was born to Ana Georgina Negrete and Johann Martinez of Kings Beach on Nov. 6.

Giselle was born to Cristian Osuna-Lopez and Cleotilde Osuna-Sanchez of Kings Beach on Nov. 9.

Dexter Reese Lavoy was born to Scoyy and Leighann Whittier of Loyalton on Nov. 10.

Isla Rae was born to Tony and Lisa Laliotis of Truckee on Nov. 10.

Ellen Maria was born to Scott Reiner and Sara Toutin Reiner of Truckee on Nov. 14.

Abigail Margaret was born to Ben and Megan Beckam of Truckee on Nov. 14.

Fia Anne Marie was born to Mike and Jen Trombetta of Floriston on Nov. 16.

Maya Martina was born to Martin Perez and Olivia Truong of Truckee on Nov. 18.

Sierra Nya was born to Aaron and Jessica Strum on Truckee on Nov. 19.

Azalea Ann was born to Nelson Heil and Rose Sorensen of Truckee on Nov. 21.

Ramona Hope was born to Benjamin and Mandy Rivas of Loyalton on Nov. 21.

Carter Jae was born to Jessy Hidalgo and Chelsy Combs of Incline Village on Nov. 21.

Ramsey Clarabelle was born to Scott Ten Eyck and Samantha Shields of Truckee on Nov. 24.

Ian Trail was born to Jason and Erin Case of Truckee on Nov. 24.

Joleena Ann-Marie was born to Kevin Miller and Rebecca Guerra of Quincy on Nov. 25.

Layla Skye was born to Birch and Nadia Entriken of Truckee on Nov. 28.

Madeleine Claire was born to Christiaan and Ronda Moll of Carnelian Bay on Nov. 28.

Gaaken Gard was born to Raif and Kristen Anderson of Tahoe City on Nov. 30

Ayle Skye was born to Matt Valle and Emily Sterling of Truckee on Nov. 30.