Erik Romberg Berentsen |

Erik Romberg Berentsen

9 February, 1967 – 18 October, 2018

Larger than life, skier, ski flier, surfer, windsurfer, kite surfer, athlete, pastry-lover, chocolate fiend, espresso-hound, writer, beach-walker, linguist, traveler, art director, dreamer, envelope pusher,
risk taker, rule bender, rule breaker, trend setter. Devoted father, beloved son, husband, brother and friend. The brightest lights burn the shortest and our lives are richer for sharing his light. Erik left this earth abruptly, on to new adventures of endless powder and eternal waves. “Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell.”

Erik is survived by his mother Ellen, step-father David, father Carl, step-mother Shahnaz, wife Alex, daughters Isla and India, son Leif, brother Are, sister Nicole, sister-in-law Darlene, mother-in-law Janet, and countless friends from around the world. As we continue to hold his light in our hearts he will never truly be gone.


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