Obituary: Chantel Wahlgren Young |

Obituary: Chantel Wahlgren Young

Chantel Wahlgren Young was born April 17, 1981 in Truckee, CA. Chantel grew up in Lake Tahoe, graduating from Sierra High School in 1998. She then lived in locations around California, attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara before graduating from Chico State in 2012, in order to pursue her immense and unrivaled artistic talents.

Though she lived other places for times, Lake Tahoe was, and always will be, her home.

She is survived by her mother, Joni Pauline Young, her aunt Gayle Young and cousins Christa and Adeana Cramer, her beloved sidekick Empress, and friends and family too numerous to count.

Her memorial will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 4 at the South Lodge of Homewood Mountain Resort. Please bring your favorite picture of this amazing person to add to a mural.

Chantel touched many with her wild heart. She created masterpieces that touched the lives of uncounted people, showing her artwork in various places in Lake Tahoe, and within the homes of those she adored. She loved to hike, raft, camp, and be near her beloved lake in any way possible. She fought fiercely for her friends and family, even putting herself in harm’s way to protect those she loved.

Within every party’s center, Chantel reigned, her laughter and grand temple of personality bringing everyone together. Countless nights were spent singing and dancing, to that famous air guitar.

The amount of love and passion Chantel had for those she cared for cannot be overstated; likewise, trying to fit all the memories and laughter of this one beloved person into so many words is impossible; the feelings cannot exist in such tiny, lettered bodies.

There is a loss, an emptiness, in each of our hearts that cannot be filled, even as we rake over the many times we had with her, how many joyful hours we spent together, dreams we shared, obstacles we overcame within one another’s arms. She existed like a diamond engulfed in flames, bringing warmth and light to those she touched, before finally setting on this world.

But those she knew well, will always know…

the sun also rises.


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