Obituary: Dr. Paul Henry Guttman, Jr. |

Obituary: Dr. Paul Henry Guttman, Jr.

Family, friends and the many who Paul reached and benefited remember his passion for practical acts of kindness and utility, his excitement for sports of land, sea and air, his dedication to his patients over decades of practice as a physician, his unwavering support for his children and fondness for his family, his vision as a man of business, community organizer, teacher, philanthropist and lifelong learner.

Master of so many trades, fields of knowledge and activity, he shared his vigor, warmth and wonder continuously. Recent and significant engagement includes his leadership roles in TOCATTA (Tahoe Symphony Orchestra and Chorus) and Space Science for Schools.

He inspired us: he showed us how bright and constant one life can be!

Dr. Paul Henry Guttman, Jr. is survived by his brother Alan, his sons Erik and Mark and daughter Sarah, his grandchildren, nephews and nieces and wider family.

Memorial services will take place at Oakmont Memorial Park, Lafayette, CA at 11:00am on Friday August 30.

Memorial donations may be made to Space Science for Schools,


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