Obituary: Jeremiah Maxmillion Auckenthaler |

Obituary: Jeremiah Maxmillion Auckenthaler

Jeremiah Maxmillion Auckenthaler was born 03/10/1977 and passed 11/30/2014 with parents, siblings and friends at his side.

He will be remembered as a dedicated adventurous free spirit, wild and go-lucky, with a quick to give smile, a contagious laugh, and a sense of humor that sometimes left others bewildered but always ready for more!

Jeremiah felt responsibly protective of his family and would do just about anything for another person; and his dog Mihai.

Jeremiah is survived by his immediate and his large-extended family and friends; we will miss you Jeremiah and keep you close, in our hearts.

A Memorial Services will be held December 13th from 12pm-2pm in the Judah Lodge at Sugar Bowl.


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