Obituary: Gail Goodenough |

Obituary: Gail Goodenough

Gail Goodenough died Oct. 9 in Auburn, Calif. at Auburn Faith Hospital of pneumonia and complications of diabetes. Her brother was at her side when she died. Gail, born in 1948, was a second-generation Palo Alto native. She is survived by her mother Dores and brother Gary. Like her parents and brother, she also graduated from Palo Alto High School. Gail lived for 32 years at Pla-Vada on Donner Summit in Soda Springs, Calif. She was a former co-owner of a deli and cheese store next to the post office in Soda Springs.

The following is a partial excerpt of text from a letter written by Gail on Jan. 20, 2008, about Donner Summit:

“It (Donner Summit) is home in my heart and spirit and soul. I did a lot of growing and learning and most of all have made many, many friends, LIFETIME FRIENDS.

One of my higher powers is the close friendships (deep) and incredible learning experiences about outdoor living, survival skills…(I could go on and on), learned about construction in owning a construction co. I also learned a lot about managing restaurants which led to owning a popular deli/resturant making homemade bread everyday and I learned how to run a business.

Thank you, Donner Summit for all the memories and friendships and fun experiences…”

Donations can be made in Gail’s memory to: Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Foundation, 11815 Education Street, Auburn, CA 95602. Phone: (530) 888-4557.