Obituary: Lisa Ann Grover |

Obituary: Lisa Ann Grover

Lisa Ann Grover died July 26, 2012, in Ashland, OR. She was born Aug. 7, 1990, in Truckee, CA.

Lisa is predeceased by her Mother (Bethany Ann Ortega, 49) and her birth father (Joseph Lee Grover, 38). She is survived by her step-father (Jeff Ortega, 52, of Truckee, CA) and her younger sister (Debra Rose Ortega, 10, of Truckee, CA). She also leaves behind many aunts and uncles, and more than cousins and second cousins.

Lisa was a bright and loving woman, whom will be missed greatly by her family and friends alike. We wished we could have been there for her in her time of need. Weand#8217;ll all be heartbroken over her loss for years to come.