Only fools and newcomers predict Sierra weather |

Only fools and newcomers predict Sierra weather

Paid your taxes yet? Remember your property taxes are due tomorrow, not April 15. I made the mistake of paying these taxes on April 15 some years ago. When I called E. Christina Dabis, Nevada County tax collector (do you like that name or what?) one of her assistants told me that whether I was a day late or 364 days late, there would be a 10 percent penalty assessment.

So, if you have not yet written your checks to E. Christina Dabis, Tax Collector, I suggest you first answer the question of the week, then write her a check and get it to the Post Office ” today! Then, of course, don’t forget U.S. Treasury and Franchise Tax Board next week (those titles aren’t as catchy are they?).

I was doing a little meditation last week, just after sunrise, when I heard my first “cheeseburger” bird of the year. Admittedly, if you were to line up a group of birds and ask me to identify the cheeseburger bird, I wouldn’t have a clue. Regardless of their true identity, their sound is normally a pretty good indication that spring has truly arrived.

After a “missed March,” we are really hoping for an “awesome April” to help increase our snow pack back “above normal” and for subsequent run off.

As much as we like to ski, the season is ending for most ski resorts this coming Sunday. We are more concerned about the levels of the lakes, rivers and streams ” and, this year’s fire danger.

One of our regular readers, Bill Mullins, told me that when he moved up here in 1978 he ran into a long time resident, Bill Vail, up on Donner Summit. During their conversation the new kid in the area asked the old timer what his prediction was for the upcoming winter.

Vail replied, “Son, only fools and newcomers predict weather here.”

Since we are not newcomers, we don’t want to be known as fools!

For those of you who have not heard (or seen), our new Taco Bell is open for business. It is definitely a nice fast food alternative (if you like fast food). But who can find it? The signage allowed by our local planning commission and Truckee town fathers (and mothers) is barely visible from Donner Pass Road even if you are staring in that direction.

I decided to jump on the freeway this afternoon to see if there are any freeway “food” signs that might indicate Taco Bell’s existence at the next exit. There is none, at least not now. At the entry to the access road to the Chevron and 76 Union gas stations there are also no signs.

I then pulled into their parking lot (12:30 p.m. on Sunday) and there was one car in the drive up lane and three cars in the parking lot. I then drove to McDonald’s and there were five cars in the drive up lane, and eight cars in the parking lot. Conclusions, anyone?

I do believe in reasonable sign ordinances and our town’s concern over sign and lighting pollution. However, the town designated this location as one of the “very” few locations allowed for drive-up type service. If this business is not allowed additional signage, I have my doubts it will be able to stay in business. I truly hope I am wrong about my assumption. We do not need another empty commercial space in town.

We noticed last week that Chevron has now replaced “Terrible’s” as the gasoline vendor at Gold Ranch. At $3.59 per gallon for regular, the price was ten cents cheaper than most regular gas in Truckee, but was 24 cents higher than Costco. It looks like you will have to drive all the way into Reno now to see any substantial savings.

But let’s face the facts, if you have a car that gets 20 miles to a gallon (and that’s good), you are paying between $11 and $12 (at $3.35 per gallon at Costco) for that trip in order to save $12 to $13. As much as we hate to say it ” stay home and “suck it up” unless you are going shopping or going to the movies. (And, remember, if you go inside Costco you have cost yourself even more money!)

The Truckee Optimist Club Brew Fest is going to be held this year on Saturday, June 14 at Regional Park. Truckee Clean Up Day will be a week earlier on June 7. These are both fun community events.

Pizza Junction was the pizza parlor that used to feature the “Hot Lover’s Special” (pepperoni and hot Ortega chilies). “Zano’s” now occupies that location.

Sharon Cook was this week’s early bird winner followed by Jackie Wells, Jim Duffy, Norm Justesen, Betty Baker, Leah Krone, Gordy Kjer, Barbara Brill, Charlie Smith, Mary De Lisle, Bill Mullins, Keith Mickelson, Norv Ayers (former Truckee resident who now lives in Lahaina, Maui and reads the Sierra Sun online), and Diane White who claims to have eaten “many” hot lovers specials.

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