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A happy ending: Small bear cub was released from live trap in Alpine Meadows

Amy EdgettSierra Sun

Amy Edgett/Sierra SunA bear cub peers through wires of a live trap, intended for a nuisance bear, behind an Alpine Meadows residence. The baby bear was released without incident.

TAHOE CITY, Calif. andamp;#8212; All’s well that ends well: This time. A 50-pound andamp;#8220;spring cubandamp;#8221; was released from a live trap on Deerfield Drive in Alpine Meadows this morning. It scurried up a tree with soft little grunts. After a few minutes, the cub shimmied down and ran off into the forest to freedom and, hoepfully, mother bear.andamp;#8220;This was an easy decision,andamp;#8221; said Dave (who preferred not to give his last name), with Placer County Wildlife Services. andamp;#8220;If it was a large black bear, it would have been a tough decision.andamp;#8221;When bear break-ins occur, a California Fish andamp; Game Department biologist assesses the damage and may issue a depredation permit. A bear busted in the home’s door and a permit was issued. Robert, also with Placer County Wildlife Services, knew baby bear was not the culprit. And he knows the value of trapping in light of a depredation permit: andamp;#8220;It just makes sense in a neighborhood not to have people running around with firearms.andamp;#8221;However, if it had been a large black bear, it could have been removed from the scene and killed. Sometimes bears leave swatches of hair, which can be used to help identify whether the misbehaving bear is the trapped bear. Officials have even used samples to compare DNA for identification. Then again, the trapped bear might not have the benefit of a fair trial and be destroyed, regardless.Anne Bryant of the BEAR League was 100 percent behind Wildlife Services today. After urging the baby bear out of the trap, saying andamp;#8220;Go home to Momma,andamp;#8221; she emphasized, again, the importance of protecting your home beyond the usual don’t leave the trash and dog food out. Anne recommends electric fences, clearly marked so the meter reader, fireman, etc. andamp;#8220;don’t get zapped.andamp;#8221;andamp;#8220;Today it turned out happy,andamp;#8221; said Anne. andamp;#8220;Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s a dead bear.andamp;#8221; Visit http://www.savebears.org to become bear aware.