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A rowdy start to a raucous ride toward November 2008

Jamie Bate

Seems 38 cooler heads on the 40-member Placer County Republican Central Committee prevailed Wednesday evening when the body voted to postpone indefinitely a resolution to censure Republican Assemblyman Ted Gaines.

In other words, Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz’s censure resolution is all but dead.

Kranz, who represents the bulk of eastern Placer County, floated the censure proposal because of what he viewed as “disloyal” and “opportunistic” actions taken by Gaines in relation to Rep. John Doolittle. Gaines, who was elected to the

Assembly last year and represents the California portion of the Tahoe Basin, is toying with the idea of running against Doolittle in the Republican primary. He’s apparently made some statements about Doolittle’s ability to hold on to his seat come next November.

That irked Kranz, who said Doolittle funded Gaines’ election victory, therefore Gaines shouldn’t oppose his benefactor for the Fourth Congressional District seat.

Neither was conciliatory Wednesday, according to a report in the Auburn Journal following the Central Committee meeting.

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“A lot of people were supported by John (Doolittle) ” Ted Gaines was supported by John, he got lots of money from John and he stood next to John at a (2006 election night victory) party,” Kranz said. “I was shocked to see the comments Ted made to the media criticizing John.”

Gaines, who served on the Placer Board of Supervisors with Kranz, stood his ground.

“I think this resolution is way over the top,” Gaines was quoted in the Journal. “And I see this as a personal attack on me, Bruce. We can disagree on issues … but feel that it did not reach the level of censure. We all have First Amendment rights.”

While Doolittle’s camp hasn’t commented either way on the censure attempt, this internecine feud must have Democrat Charlie Brown licking his chops. Along with the possibility of Gaines running in the Republican primary, Eric Egland and Mike Holmes will surely dilute the waters Doolittle has dominated through eight elections.

While Doolittle’s ninth general election bid last year also ended in victory, it was by a mere three-point margin ” 49 percent to Brown’s 46 percent. That in a district engineered by the Republicans to remain Republican for a long, long time.

Kranz’s censure attempt was a rowdy start to what will undoubtedly prove to be a raucous ride to November 2008.