Chanting Workshop: A devotional practice for conscious creating |

Chanting Workshop: A devotional practice for conscious creating

The ancient art of chanting a specific mantra for 40 consecutive days is practiced to balance karma and empower your dharma (life path). A series of chanting workshops will be held March 13, April 3 and 24, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., at Rainbow Doorways, Kings Beach.Chanting is a vibrational practice (sound and thought). Vibration creates. Regular focus on a specific passion, thought, and vibration is consciously creating your life! Work with various consciousness techniques in the Chanting Workshop series – no prior experience necessary! All are welcome. The first of three workshops in the series (over seven weeks to cover the 40-day discipline) will introduce the chanting practice and background, offer instruction to the mantra discipline, have group discussions, do a gentle yet powerful yoga practice, participate in energy balancing techniques, chant the mantra all together, and complete with a creative process to anchor in your 40-day practice commitment.The second workshop will be a two hour refresher course, revisiting your intentions, sharing supportive techniques for daily practice, yoga and chanting together.The third workshop in the series will be another three hour course including yoga, consciousness techniques, creative art process, and a new chant to complete the discipline. There will be a completion ceremony and celebration. Advance registration is requested: $195 per person if registered by Mar. 12 (payment plans available with prior agreement). Eileen Mary Coates, CLSC, BS, CCHT, S.O.U.L. is a Consciousness Coach andamp; Self Mastery Facilitator. Visit or call (775) 235-4587. Deborah Scarborough is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Teacher, call her at (775) 815-7615.