Community Report: Rideout Community Center in Tahoe City |

Community Report: Rideout Community Center in Tahoe City

Layne Van Noy, Superintendent
Tahoe City Public Utility Distrcit

Anyone who is interested in basketball knows the month of March is a great time to be a fan. What some may not know is behind all the hoopla of March Madness, lies one of the most successful government reforms in years: Title IX, the 1972 mandate that provides equal opportunity for both male and female athletes.

The naysayers said it would bankrupt athletic department. What it has done is given women more opportunities to get an education. The most recent NCAA statistics show women are making better us of their scholarship opportunities. For example, at the University of Florida, women have a 100 percent graduation rate, while the men are at 60 percent. In all Division 1 sports males are graduating at 72 percent, while the womenand#8217;s side is 88 percent.

One of the most exciting signs of success as shown by the U.S. Department of Education is that girls participating in high school sports has grown tenfold and#8211; from 300,000 to 3 million. The Tahoe City PUD Parks and Recreation supports Title IX and our local high school sports by offering Girls Softball and Girls on the Run.

Girls Softball is a local youth softball league that has teams participating from Kings Beach, Truckee and Incline Village. The program is open to girls second through ninth grade and the exciting season runs April 26 through June 5. Girls will make new friends, get some exercise, learn fundamentals of the sport and experience the highs and lows of competition. Space is limited so register today for the league and instructional clinic, who knows, they might be the next softball scholarship recipient.

Girls on the Run is a structured after school program that uses training for a 5K event as a means to teach essential life skills. Each practice is based on the and#8220;Whole Person Conceptand#8221; which stresses the importance of equally developing the emotional, social, spiritual and physical parts of the individual girl. During the 10-week program girls are empowered with a greater self-awareness, a sense of achievement and help them become strong, self confident young women. The program runs March 22 through June 2. Space is limited so hurry and sign up today at the Rideout Community Center or get more information at

For more information on the programs and services we offer contact the Tahoe City Parks and Recreation Office at 583-3440 ext. 10, 740 Timberland Lane, Tahoe City or visit Check out what weand#8217;re doing to enhance our community.