Decisionmakers: Barbara Green |

Decisionmakers: Barbara Green

Greyson Howard
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Greyson Howard/Sierra SunBarbara Green

In 25 years of public service, Barbara Green has held positions from volunteer to county supervisor, in the Bay Area and in Truckee.

Starting with an open space district in the southern Bay area, Green said she has always had a focus on environmental and open space issues.

And it was Truckee’s outdoors experience that drew Green to the area 16 years ago for skiing and backpacking, she said.

“I was on the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space district board and with Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation,” Green said. “I have a large background in environmental issues.”

Green said when she moved to Truckee, she was asked to be on the planning commission, but at first declined.

While sitting on the Truckee Donner Land Trust board and working with the League to Save Lake Tahoe, she said she realized being on the planning commission would give her more influence, and accepted.

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Green also served a term on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, before being elected to town council, she said.

“As a development comes to Truckee we want to be sure it looks like Truckee,” Green said. “Water, traffic, some of the things that come with development require us to tread carefully, and the community can have an effect on all of those individual steps.”