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Elijah Bleu’s House of Coffee and Good Eats in Truckee forms sanctioned USA Cycling Team

Truckee, Calif. – It’s time to chat about the three C’s: Coffee, cycling and community as Elijah Bleu’s House of Coffee and Good Eats is organizing a community cycling team in Truckee.

According to organizer Hardy Bullock the newly forming cycling team is inclusive in nature. The competitive portion of the team includes four riders: Hardy Bullock of Truckee, Carey Thrasher of Truckee, Troy Campbell of Reno and Chris Barry of Sacramento. All are accomplished athletes ranging from Ironman to adventure athlete and ultra distance cycling competitor.

“The hope is to create an inclusive team that offers a supportive environment for up and coming cycling enthusiasts,” said Bullock. “Sanctioned races for the competitive members will be centered around scenic locations throughout Northern California, but primarily in the Tahoe area.”

Not a super competitive cyclist? Don’t despair, said Bullock. All cycling enthusiasts are encouraged to join the team and participate in fun rides and special events. Community (the third “C”) is an important aspect of the team.

“The team is dedicated to providing community support through direct fundraising events; basically we are about promoting the sport of cycling for anyone who wants to get out and ride,” Bullock said.

Both fun rides and sanctioned races will be posted on the Elijah Bleu’s website. Slated for Sept. 25, 2010, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Ultra Endurance fundraiser will cover 302 non-stop miles culminating at Elijah Bleu’s. Group rides will be posted and competitive cyclists will host rides geared to beginning riders.

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“Supporting and sponsoring a cycling team is in keeping with Elijah Bleu’s community vibe,” explains the coffee house’s co-owner John Evans. “We think it’s a great way to promote the sport and encourage fitness in Truckee.”

For more information about Elijah Bleu’s cycling team, contact Hardy Bullock at hardy@ltol.com or John Evans john@denaliusa.com.

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