Forest Friends uses Montessori and Waldorf educational models |

Forest Friends uses Montessori and Waldorf educational models

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TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; At Forest Friends Childrenand#8217;s House in Truckee, Montessori and Waldorf education is integrated. It features child-sized, age appropriate materials, mixed age groups, practical life skills, art and music. Lisa Kingman, a trained Montessori teacher has been developing the Forest Lane property behind Mountain Hardware into a preschool with upgrades and additions indoors and out.

Maria Montessori and the Montessori Method

Maria Montessori grew up in the volatile atmosphere of late 19th century Italy challenging gender and social barriers in education and medicine, becoming the first female physician in the country. She championed the rights of women, the handicapped and the poor, developing an educational method with outstanding academic results for mentally challenged children. She further developed this approach with normal children economically disadvantaged in the Roman slums of San Lorenzo. Individual freedom and social responsibility, literacy, numeracy, geographical, ecological and cultural awareness are integrated into an inclusive, internationally acclaimed method that knows no economic, social or cultural boundaries. At Forest Friends, preschoolers to learn to read and write about their world and perform multi-digit math computations.

Montessori provides sensory activities, language, mathematics, geometry, geography, biology, cultural materials and grace and courtesy.

Montessori theory focuses on the child’s absorbent mind, natural, observable tendencies and sensitive periods applied to purposeful, meaningful work.

Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Education

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Rudolf Steiner, one of Montessoriand#8217;s contemporaries, acted as an educational consultant in a German factory workersand#8217; preschool. It began self governed by the teachers who moved with their classes through the years and stages of development. It is also an expansive curriculum interwoven in a daily rhythm following the season and cultural events of the year.

Waldorf offers art, music and open ended dramatic play with handmade Waldorf toys, capes, crowns, playhouses and storytelling.

Waldorf applies the theory of four observable temperaments present in children in a nurturing, creative environment.

Want to learn more? Visit for slide shows, links and much more. Forest Friends Childrenand#8217;s House, 530-550-8620, 11330 Forest Lane, Truckee.

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