Give … whatever you can |

Give … whatever you can

It’s that time of year, when the tinsel drops down on storefronts and charities count on holiday cheer to fill their coffers.

This year is no different. As you’ve read in a number of letters, columns and news stories in recent weeks, local food banks and charities are struggling.

When the economy turns south, more depend on charities for food and shelter. Yet, there is less money to give. In simple terms, demand skyrockets while supply dwindles.

This is where we can all help. As a newspaper, we will be dedicating a lot of space in the coming weeks profiling local nonprofits, encouraging guest columns about giving and working with area foundations to publicize the great needs in our communities.

If you cannot give what you gave last year, think about giving half. Think about giving one-third. Or, if you cannot give at all, ask yourself this question: Can I give any time?

While cash and food donations often are the best ways to give to area organizations, most can always use volunteers. Through the years, our community has excelled at volunteering time for great local causes. There may never have been a time when the need is greater.

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So, in the coming weeks, make a pledge. Find a charity, and give something. Either time, or money, will make a difference.