Giving has shaped today’s Truckee |

Giving has shaped today’s Truckee

Sun editorial

As circumstances would have it, Truckee sits at a critical juncture in shaping its future identity.

Long gone are the days when we were known more or less as a one-horse town – a rough and tumble stagecoach stop on the way to Tahoe or Reno.

Since downtown redevelopment and Truckee incorporation, Truckee has made great strides towards improving its civic identity, commerce and aesthetic. Our schools have become great and the medical industry has become a surprisingly big contributor to our local economy.

The improved quality of life enhancements have brought new residents who excited to be a part of our small town. You can see it in the decade-long growth in real estate prices (in an area once characterized by its extreme fluctuations), and the influx of new development in Squaw, Northstar, Martis Valley and even Tahoe-Donner and Glenshire.

Philanthropy has also contributed heavily to the “new and improved” Truckee. The generosity of locals and second homeowners – as well as the barons of business who have an affinity for Truckee – keep the wheel turning.

With so many non-profit organizations so deeply entrenched in Truckee life, the giving must continue, even in trying economic times, to sustain the character of the newly emerging Truckee.

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The Sierra Sun, the Tahoe World and Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation are collaborating this holiday season to urge our residents who can give to do so. Proceeds from the drive will be managed in a grant fund to which community groups can apply. Donated money will stay local, and continue to contribute to our quality of life.

Please look at our new Community News section (page B5) for more information on how to give.

Help Truckee continue to grow in a positive direction in the coming years. We all benefit.