Guest Column: CATTPAC endorsements part of long-standing policy |

Guest Column: CATTPAC endorsements part of long-standing policy

Mitch Clarin

In regard to Mr. Tom Grossman's letter printed in the Sierra Sun on Wed., Oct. 15, regarding his position on the Tahoe Forest Hospital board race, the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe (CATT) and CATTPAC (CATT Political Action Committee) — two separate entities — have long-standing policies to look at issues from the big picture.

CATTPAC committee members are inundated with phone calls from candidates for interviews, in order to gain a CATTPAC endorsement. CATTPAC has become an organization that candidates or ballot measure supporters go to as part of their "must-do list" if they want to win.

CATTPAC's interview process is simple. CATTPAC has a list of questions, asked by volunteers and then discussed to determine who would best represent the building industry. Candidate endorsements are based upon the individual candidate's ability to provide balanced and responsible leadership to insure the long term stability of our vital community agencies and organizations. This is now and always will be, of greater importance than any single issue.

CATT and CATTPAC have a large arsenal of accomplishments that together are larger than any single issue. Angrily reacting to a single issue does a disservice to the local community and the collective building industry. With a growing membership of over 300 members, plus employees, spouses, and acquaintances, CATT cannot possibly please every individual all of the time.

CATT and CATTPAC have successfully negotiated the tough road to communication with local agencies of authority including but not limited to the Town of Truckee, Placer County, Nevada County, TCPUD, TDPUD, TSD, and TTUSD.

Additionally, CATT's sister organization, C.A.T.T. Community Project, has restored a number of local structures including the McIver Dairy in Truckee (two separate efforts), the historic downtown Truckee Jail Museum, bus stops in Tahoe City and Squaw Valley, the sheep herders camp north of Truckee, and the remodeling of a kitchen for a local safe house, to name a few.

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Finally, an important CATT accomplishment that is sometimes overlooked is the esteemed camaraderie of our organization which is evident at the CATT Holiday Party, the annual Golf Tournament, and the newly created clay shoot event.

If you can look beyond a single issue, you will see a diversity of well-intentioned and beneficial activity all occurring under the CATT banner.

I would like to remind the community and those involved in the building industry to remember the valuable service that CATT, CATTPAC and C.A.T.T. Community Project have provided over the years and will continue to deliver to the region well into the future.

Mitch Clarin is chairman of the board of the CATTPAC. He may be reached at Learn more at