Guest Column: I don’t agree with CATTPAC’s hospital endorsement |

Guest Column: I don’t agree with CATTPAC’s hospital endorsement

Thomas Grossman

The Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe (CATT) supposedly represents the interest of the building and construction community here in the North Lake Tahoe area. I have been a member since its inception.

CATT has a political action committee (CATTPAC) that has recently endorsed three candidates for the Tahoe Forest Hospital Board who seem not to understand or appreciate the value of the cancer center or the hospital itself.

Let me make this perfectly clear. The CATTPAC does not speak for or represent me or my interest, nor does it represent or speak for most of the CATT members who I personally know.

I would not be here now if it were not for the outstanding diagnosis, treatment recommendations and care that I have received at the Tahoe Forest Cancer Center.

Dr. Lawrence Danto, who has been vocally supporting the slate of three candidates, has stated in a My Turn column in that "there are significant risks to supplying complete oncology services in a system that is not immediately prepared to deal with acute life-threatening complications…"

That's malarkey. It appears Dr. Danto has an agenda and a chip on his shoulder and is trying his best to install a slate of candidates that will look kindly on his agenda. He opines the care is too expensive. This is a piece of misinformation. No one is turned down at the Tahoe Forest for inability to pay, and the cost billed to insurance companies is in line with or less than other comparable hospitals.

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According to the American Cancer Society, cancer will affect one in three people in their lifetime. Tahoe-Truckee deserves the best cancer care possible.

I spoke with the Executive Director of CATT, Pat Davison, and although I have known and respected her for many years, she simply disavowed CATT's relationship with CATTPAC. Not a good answer in my mind.

I am canceling my CATT membership in, and I encourage other members to do the same until a retraction is made or CATTPAC is disbanded.

I am voting for Chuck Zipkin for the Hospital Board. He recognizes the cancer center's benefits to the community.

Tom Grossman is a Truckee resident.