Guest Column: Northern Nevada should vote for Spees over Amodei |

Guest Column: Northern Nevada should vote for Spees over Amodei

Buddy Garfinkle

Ladies and gentlemen — Republicans, Democrats and Independents — I ask you to join with me to do something momentous for Nevada and our nation. All of Northern Nevada, from Gardnerville to the four states we border to the North, has only one seat in the United States House of Representatives.

Our congressman does not show up to vote, and when he does vote, he is an obstructionist. We have an excellent alternative in Incline Village's Kristen Spees, a young, fiscally responsible, compassionate, estate planning attorney who has criss-crossed our state, talking to Nevadans and has a clear grasp of their concerns.

Kristen Spees will Show Up To Vote. There are many times in our nation's history where members of Congress have considered the act of voting so important that they have been carried in on stretchers to cast their vote. The most famous of these was during the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, who became president when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Sen. Grimes was carried onto the Senate floor on a stretcher to cast the deciding vote against removal of Johnson from the presidency. Being carried in on a stretcher is not uncommon even in the current session of Congress. But our congressman missed 45 percent of his votes in the first quarter of this year and 6.5 percent overall.

He claims he missed some votes early on because of a death in the family and more recently because of a retinal procedure which made it impossible to fly. With a $174,000 salary and a million-dollar office budget, I submit he could have taken a bus, train or automobile so as to be there to represent Nevada. Kristen will be there even if she has to be carried in on a stretcher.

Kristen Spees will Reach Across the Aisle. Our congressman is such an obstructionist that he recently voted against the landslide bipartisan legislation to provide funding to fight ISIS. It's time to roll up our sleeves and work together as Republicans, Democrats and Independents to solve the problems America faces: immigration, border security, decaying roads and bridges, tax simplification, health care for veterans, and social security.

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Kristen Spees will force her colleagues to reach bipartisan solutions. Kristen even has a refreshing plan to lift the terrible approval rating of Congress by asking lawmakers of all stripes to roll up their sleeves do public service in the Washington, D.C., area side by side.

Kristen is David fighting Goliath. I ask you all to consider voting for Kristen Spees, but it's like David and Goliath. She has raised about $5,000 and he has raised about $500,000. Because voters know Congress is broken, there is a fresh anti-incumbent wind sweeping across our country, and underdogs have a chance.

It would take grassroots people power to do it. Make your own sign and put it in back of your car and on your front door. Tell everyone you know. Republicans, Democrats and Independents, join with me by voting for Kristen Spees for Congress.

Buddy Garfinkle is a former Reno High School coach, teacher, principal and Nevada legislator who recently celebrated his 87th birthday. Buddy has lived in Incline Village for 25 years.