Guest Column: Thoughts on Diamond Peak steering committee |

Guest Column: Thoughts on Diamond Peak steering committee

Steve Gottlieb

I write with reference to Steve Pinkerton's recent column (October 2) about the Diamond Peak Master Plan. He alludes to an imminent "significant public participation process" that the staff is recommending to be led by a "Steering Committee" that will "guide the implementation process."

The process, Steve says, will be "highly publicized," "open to the public," and "will include a broad cross section of the community."

My wife and I moved to Incline Village in 1995 as permanent residents. Our business is located here. We moved here for the quality of life for which Incline Village is renowned.

The process Steve describes appears fair enough. This is particularly so if, as Steve implies, the true objective of the Steering Community is to "help better define our community values" so long as there is broad community participation.

IVGID can assure such participation by sending a concise two or three page letter that distills accurately the features and priorities of the Master Plan in plain language to each and every property owner and resident of Incline Village and Crystal Bay. IVGID is privy to their names and addresses.

What this will do is assure pertinent information and transparency to those whose lives will be most directly affected by the plan.

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My wife and I have the sense that, for one reason or another, many or most of the inhabitants of Incline Village and Crystal Bay are either unaware of what is happening or confused by it.

A well-written IVGID letter can easily correct these shortcomings.

Steve hits the nail on the head when he suggests that the Steering Committee's first step must be to "better define our community values."

Why are the majority of us here? How will our reasons for being here be affected by the Master Plan — both the pros and the cons?

Are there opportunities to implement parts of the plan but not others? Has the risk/reward continuum been fully evaluated?

What happens if, despite IVGID's best stewardship, losses and liabilities arise that are not now anticipated? Do the property owners/residents bear the brunt of any such liabilities and/or losses?

These are only some of the questions. Any business transaction today is carefully de-risked at the outset and there is no reason why this same approach cannot be applied to the Master Plan.

If this be the approach and any property owner or resident is given the opportunity to have his or her views heard prior to any implementation, then the Steering Committee will have served a very useful function.

Steve Gottlieb is an Incline Village resident.